IR2: Network based Doctoral school operational

Written by Minh Thieu. Posted in 2013

PhD summer school was held by NTU at RIA2 from 4-10/12/201. Total PhD students attended the course was 26, of those 7 came from NTU, 5 from CTU, 2 from HUA and the rest from RIA2 (list presented below). A Belgian statistician was invited to give lecture on statistical analysis. The PhD students were also provided information on aquaculture overview and especially teaching methodology to help them participating in partly teaching during their training program as regulated by the universities. At the end of the course, each PhD student also received a certificate issued by Rector of CTU (Coordinator of the VLIR-Network Vietnam program).

IR4- Staff upgraded

Written by Minh Thieu. Posted in 2013

 CTU is responsible for coordinating this activity. Short training in Belgium is organized for didactic references and improving English of individual lecturer from all university partners.