1. Financial monitoring

For financial monitoring every month a statement of expenditure will be provided by the local programme manager, complemented by the financial officer and sent to all parties concerned.

Every month, a  statement of expenditure will be done by the project leaders, complemented by the accountant. The Programme Manager,  Local Coordinator are requested to check,  endorse and approve the financial report .

In order to have a systematic progress monitoring of the programme, it is expected that individual local Project Leaders inform the local management of details of activities accomplished as compared to planning and the budget expended. This report will be submitted to both Flemish and Local Network Coordinators by the Programme Manager . Timely feedback if intervention is needed is necessary. In addition, it is envisaged that the Local Network Management Committee meets every month to monitor the progress of activities.

2. Project activity reporting

Every project leader is expected to submit an activity report to the programme manager quarterly according to report submission date (see time schedule p 16).

The VLIR-UOS-reporting format has been established and dispatched to each project leader.

The reporting format should include:

  • Planned activities in AP(x),  where x stands for the budget year
  • What was done according to the plan and the result –measured by indicators
  • What was not done according to the plan (deviation from the plan)?
  • What measures need to be taken to complete the plan in the remaining time?
  • Situation of equipment ordering
  • How much money is spent in the quarterly activity (by budget line)? How much money is left? –This can be reported by program accountant and Manager
  • Recommended measures to be taken?
  • Problems encountered and possible solutions
  • Any suggestions

Each project leader should prepare a power point presentation following the reporting format and present it during the local steering committee meetings held mainly to monitor progress of projects.

Project leaders are obliged to send copies to the respective faculties and departments to enhance program ownership.

3. Meetings and Reporting System

Periodicity, reason for calling a meeting:

  • Monthly meeting:  Local Network Coordinator, Programme Manager and  Project Leaders
  • Quarterly meeting:  CTU Programme Management Unit and representatives (contact persons of the partners), staff enrolled at the various partner institutions in the programme through VC
  • Yearly meeting: Local Network Steering Committee will be done through VC or organised alternatively at the partner institution depending to the available time and condition
  • Other meetings: Depending to the situation and progress of the programme activity, the extraordinary meetings can be organised to solve all the problems occurred during programme implementation.

Notes will be made by PM for control and management of the programme activities.

Address: Can Tho University, Campus II, 3/2 street, Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho city, Viet Nam